What is a server.

In recent years, the word “server” is constantly on the Internet. However, only a few can clearly explain what constitutes a server.

A server is a computer that is designed to perform certain tasks related to the execution of program codes, information storage, maintenance of users and databases. To ensure their uninterrupted operation, the Colocation service is provided , which allows placing servers on a special equipped site with round-the-clock technical support, called the Data Center.

The server ensures maximum security and safety of the tasks performed, as well as their safety. The server is used to store files and websites of Internet users (hosting), respond to requests and issue requested information, process and execute scripts on websites, work with a database and a large number of users. Control over the work of the server rests with the system administrator.

The server does not have to be designed to work with the Internet. Most often it is used in companies to provide a local network and store databases of customers, employees, products, as well as for access to the Internet. A system administrator using the server can obtain information about all computers on the local network, deny or allow access.

In most cases, the server is not an ordinary personal computer. Typically, this workstation, made in the form of a mini-tower, although there are different configurations depending on the specialization. The servers contain one or several high-performance processors, a large amount of RAM, RAID-arrays of hard disks, power units with the possibility of autonomous operation in the event of a power failure. The case of servers has increased protection against dust and a powerful cooling system, as well as protection against accidental shutdown.

There are servers in separate, well-ventilated areas, in which a constant air temperature is maintained. Access to server rooms has a system administrator or higher workers.

Servers are usually manufactured by large companies such as IBM, NEC, Hewlett-Packard, Intel. The shell is an operating system for servers, most often UNIX or operating systems created on its base – FreeBSD, Linux, AIX, IRIX, etc. The server versions of Microsoft Windows Server, Solaris, SunOS and Apple Mac are less common. Such popularity of UNIX-like operating systems is explained by their high reliability and lower resource consumption compared to other systems, in particular, with Windows, which holds the undisputed leadership in the OS market for personal computers.

Servers play an important role in the functioning of the Internet and the work of corporate networks. They greatly simplify the work of companies and ensure the operation of websites, information agencies, as well as the receipt of information by Internet users. 

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