The verb in English too serve is translated, how to serve, and the name server originated from it. In ancient Persian, the word server mattered – leader, head, leader. This concept came to us with a wide development of computer equipment, in the jargon at IT people referred to as a server.

server eto prostimi slovami
Filling the server computer

As mentioned above, the server is just a special computer, usually located in special rooms (data centers).Server equipment in data centers is mounted in special cabinets, on racks with chassis and have easy and convenient access to hardware stuffing. Such server hardware works practically without human intervention.Our participation is required only for the initial installation and configuration of the server software. In the future, all work is carried out remotely, with the exception of emergency situations when the server crashes or it is necessary to carry out maintenance work.


All equipment has a high degree of protection against failures and failure. By the principle of multiple backups and backups, data is safeguarded in the event that some equipment fails.

Server equipment

The premises in which the server is located and the server equipment is called data centers and the hosting providers own them. By the way, in one of the articles on what hosting is , we touched on the concepts of servers and described in some detail how a web server works. Large companies organize their server right in the offices and call these rooms server rooms. I, as a designer in civil and industrial construction ( about the author), more than once it was necessary to design server rooms in kilometer offices. Such rooms, as well as large premises, data centers of hosting providers are equipped with special fire prevention measures. In such server rooms, a certain temperature and humidity is maintained, heat is protected, uninterrupted power supply is provided. And of course, the server must be provided with Internet, therefore broadband Internet access is connected.

Ventilation and cooling system in the server center

All web servera are provided with special server software. You, probably, have repeatedly heard and read the Apache server expression on the Internet in the forums, so Apache is a server program that gives access to your site, which is a hosting provider on a web server.

Having summed up the intermediate results of what was said, the server and, of course, the server software, are used to receive the question and answer it. In simple words, when you enter a website address in the browser’s address bar or click on a link in the search results, then on the web servere hosting provider, the Apache server searches the database for the answer (the code of the requested page) and returns it to your browser, which transforms the code in the usual web page, if there is no information, the server returns a 404 error.

Server room

Imagine that you came to a 100-storey business center and at the reception said: – “I need an office for Lennevaproekt, a pretty girl quickly looks at the base and answers you: -“ On the first floor there is a 1001 office, right along the corridor. ” All servera perform the same function – respond to customer requests. The client is your personal computer from which the request is specified.


The server performs various types of tasks, based on this, is divided into different types and is provided with various server software. So the server (program) Apache HTTP Server provides the functions of a web server on a regular hosting. The Nginx program performs the same functions, but in most cases it is used on a dedicated VPS server, on a regular host the Nginx server (program) can be used together with Apache, for transferring multimedia.

Special attention deserves the program server Denwer. This is a local web server designed for installation on your personal computer. His work is carried out only when running in the background and does not interfere with your activity at the computer. This program serves for the development of web sites. It allows you to completely raise the site on your computer. This is very convenient for beginners, and indeed for web developers.

With the help of Denver, you can fully test the theme of the site, roll out the design, visually see how it will look in the world wide web, test all scripts and modules, extensions. By the way, in our free lessons, the installation of this software, WordPress (content management system) and a cool theme with detailed settings is discussed in detail. So we recommend reading the article and subscribe to the lessons.

The web server also works in conjunction with database servers. The most common of these is the MySQL server. This is where the web server runs for information about the requested page and, if available, gives it to your browser.

There are file, gaming, video servers. File server designed for storing and transferring files. They are used by file exchangers, you can store photos on them and upload them to the site. Powerful gaming, ensure the efficiency of collaborative online games such as Wordcraft.

It is worth noting the mail server. You have repeatedly heard about Email Marketing – a mailing list of the collected subscriber base. So, the EXIM server program performs these functions. The entire Internet is replete with articles and advertising on the organized newsletter. There are special promoted mail services, such as smart-sponsor and Mailchimp, who take a lot of money for organizing your mailing and storing addresses. There is a proposal for dedicated mail servers, the cost of which starts from two thousand rubles and above.

By and large, all this is divorce and unnecessary spending. Our blog (which you are reading) is located on the VPS server, the EXIM server program is installed and configured, and it provides the entire service for sending, receiving letters, both on schedule and when subscribing, sends you our invaluable lessons for free :). All the pleasure costs 350 rubles per month, renting a dedicated VPS servera from the provider Mozhordomo. After all, all software is absolutely free.

You think; – “It’s very difficult, I can not!”, Nonsense! You are simply intimidated by terms and abstruse articles.Everything is very simple, the whole installation takes place automatically by pressing the Enter button and confirming the “y” button meaning yes (yes, I agree), and as settings in the mail server you need to change the domain name from simple to your own and several more parameters. The article “ what is a domain ” will tell in detail about domain names, we recommend you read it. If you do not believe, then subscribe and get lessons. In just a couple, three hours, you will be able to launch your local server and raise your cool website on your computer.


Let’s sum up what was said. A server is a computer with increased hardware failure and special server software. The dreaded phrase “Server Administration” consists in loading and minimally configuring several programs, usually two, three, maximum 5. In principle, everything is already configured by default.
Once you have read this article almost to the end, I think you are interested in the organization of your site. We suggest studying step by step instructions on how to organize your site . If this topic is of interest to you, then we recommend that you study the submitted article, as well as the recommended articles on technical configuration and optimization of the site.

Settings are made both in the console (command line) and in graphical shells. Do not believe it – get free lessons by subscribing and on the local web server installation Denver, see for yourself. For a couple of hours you will have a full-fledged site, and the skill of working with a local server will be useful for managing a remote one.


Without servers, there would be no Internet sites, social networks, video hosting sites (YouTube), cool online games and other things. The Internet would remain boring and uninteresting, as when it was coined by the US military for the transfer of business documentation and certain orders.

If you plan to launch a full-fledged site, then it is best to take a dedicated VPS server and configure all the necessary software yourself. There is nothing terrible and incomprehensible in this, all servers are configured almost automatically.


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