How to make a website hosting on your computer

Meet – Demian. A beginner Russian blogger who is tired of posting his notes on Tambler and he wants his site. That’s just Demian – greedy. So greedy that he feels sorry for $ 3 per month for hosting.

Once, Demian was told that you can do hosting right on your computer. And not just hosting, but a whole dedicated server that will pull not only a blog, but also an online store where Demian will sell his T-shirts, hats and other merch.

In this article, we will talk about how Demian did himself hosting. And also about why the miser pays twice.


Turn your computer into a hosting Demian can somewhere in an hour. But first he needs to get ready.


Demian doesn’t have a computer – there is only a laptop from which he sits VK and scrolls through photos on Instagram. Even Demian understands that doing hosting on an old laptop, which he carries around with him everywhere – somehow nekomilfo.

Buying a computer in local stores Demian does not want – everyone knows that local prices are higher! Therefore, he enters the bourgeois  and, mourning his blood, gathers himself a system unit. Demian stops on a dual-core Pentium G4560 and 4 GB of RAM, which costs him $ 250. Another $ 50 he spends on delivery.

Seeing the price of Windows, Demian faints. But with Linux, Demian is not at all friendly and does not want to get acquainted. He downloads a pirated Windows and installs it, promising to buy a license later – with the first profit.

the Internet

Without a good internet, Demian cannot do – how else will crowds of enthusiastic readers come to him? And the current 10 Mbit / s even YouTube does not give him a normal look.

Sadly sighing, Demian walks through providers in search of cheap 100 Mbit / s. Having found out why he needs such a channel, all providers immediately point their fingers into the User Agreement and offer only special tariffs for hosting – 5 times more expensive. And some generally do not allow hosting. Finally, Demian finds a new provider who is ready to connect his hosting for 500 rubles a month – but only for the first time.

There Demian connects the dedicated IP-address. It costs another 100 rubles per month.

Installing the server software

Having collected his car and connected to it the monitor found at the flea market, Demian finally gets to work. After reading the forums, he finds out that in order for his hosting to work with modern CMS, special programs are needed – Apache, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin server, etc.

You can download them and install them one by one – but this is long, difficult and can lead to version conflicts. Fortunately, Demian is shown a set of programs that will install and configure everything for him – Wampserver .

Half an hour later, Demian understands how to properly install Wampserver, register domains, connect them to the server, and rather rubbing his hands begins to install WordPress.


Let’s calculate how much money Demian managed to save:

  1. Electricity . The average tariff for electricity in Russia is 5.31 r / kW * h. The average computer consumes about 600 Wh. This means that only Demian pays for 2,300 rubles a month for electricity.
  2. The Internet. 100 Mbit / s cost Demian 500 rubles per month + 100 for IP. And he was still very lucky with a generous provider.

From here we get that a dedicated server costs Demyan 2950 rubles per month.


  1. No technical support. All problems are solved by Demian himself, using instructions and forums.
  2. Demian is having nightmares about electricity bills. It is good that he has a single tariff system and does not have to pay for overspending.
  3. The presence of a blog on the Internet depends on the city power network.
  4. Unlicensed Windows on the server forces Demian to twitch with each doorbell.

And Unihost offers approximately the same server for just 2500 rubles per month, without all the problems listed above. That is, Demian “shod” himself on 450 rubles a month, and also got problems with the law.

Post mortem

104 days later, Demian stopped fooling around and went to work for a generous provider. There he was accepted as a mother – after three months of server support alone, Demian mastered a lot of things. The old blog he took down, and now leads a new one – about his new profession and in general about adult life. Demian would not exchange his experience for anything, but he does not advise anyone to repeat it. Unless they themselves want to know how hosting works.

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