How to make your server for the site

Probably, I would not write a single article on this topic, if it were not too frequent requests to tell you how to create your own server for the site . That is, to turn an ordinary home computer into a server where you can host your sites and where people can log in from anywhere in the world. The task is very difficult, but I will try to briefly describe the procedure.

Before you think about your server, you need to understand whether your computer satisfies the minimum requirements? Here is a list of them:

  • Static IP . It depends on the provider, as a rule, they require money for a static IP address .
  • Good speed . The minimum allowed speed is 10mbps . I can safely say that such speed at the moment is a rarity even for Moscow, I’m not talking about the regions where they still often sit on modems. In general, the norm is 100mbps , which is available only in units, and even in Moscow it is very, very expensive.

From these two requirements, it becomes clear that it is cheaper and easier to rent a physical server . What I always write about and to all those who want to create their own server for the site .

But for those who do not want to entrust the server maintenance to others and who fulfill both requirements, for those I will write what needs to be done:

  1. Install Unix system . For example, Linux . Indeed, you can do everything on Windows , but I would recommend the Unix-system for the server.
  2. Install Apache . About installing Apache is full of material on the Internet. There is nothing complicated in the installation: download the archive, unpack it via the command line and then launch the installation (again, via the command line).
  3. In /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf ( Apache configuration ) you need to register: listen 80: Your_IP .
  4. Open the 80th port at the entrance to the firewall . How to do this depends on the specific OS you choose.

Now when you enter in the address bar: http: // Your_IP , Apache should open . You can also change the root directory for sites in httpd.conf .

If you want the site to be accessible not only by IP , but also by domain, then you need to raise the DNS .

You can also install PHP and MySQL , as well as PHPMyAdmin . If you plan to have access from another computer, you will need an FTP server .

The installation of each of these elements is a separate article, and a rather large one. Therefore, think again whether you really need to create your own server for the site ? If yes, then look at the sequence of actions from this article and, using a search engine, learn in more detail for each stage and apply it in practice.

And finally, do not forget that the computer must always be turned on, otherwise your sites will be unavailable.

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