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What is wordpress hosting? This hosting is optimized for a wordpress content management system. I advise you to choose a hosting based on this criterion, why? Everything is very simple. In principle, any hosting is suitable for wordpress, but you will have to finish something yourself. What you have to put up with.

Choosing a hosting optimized for WordPress you do not have to install the engine itself, although it is not difficult. WordPress hosting is well optimized for working with databases. And as you probably know. that wordpress very often accesses the database, and on a regular hosting it significantly reduces the speed of the site.

In turn, the optimized hosting for wordpress copes with this task much better. Checked in person.


Each person chooses where to place your site from the ability to pay for it. I will not go through a bunch of different hosting sites here, their pros and cons, this is already full on the Internet, I just want to tell you about the hosting that I currently use.

Do not think for advertising but it makes me very happy. Before that, I used cheap hosting and at first it suited me, but as time goes on, the site grows and space becomes scarce. You will say because it was possible to improve the rate and the old hosting. Yes, it was possible, but it did not suit me at all.

Yes, and at the price I now get much cheaper than if I improved the tariff on the old hosting. And it was not optimized for wordpres sites, it was necessary to fix it all.


And so, this hosting is called Fozzy. By itself, hosting is pretty smart and not expensive. There they have only two tariff plans for virtual hosting:

  1. fast start
  2. 5 fast sites.

Explain that we want to be honest with customers and not promise without limit solutions. Plus they give a month for free if you transfer the site from another hosting. And the thing that I needed was wordpress hosting.

It is very well optimized for this, even when ordering there is a choice of the country where your site is located. I advise you to choose Russia. If your visitors are from Russia, it will have a good effect in the promotion of the site.

You can also register the domain directly there, or if you have one but registered with another registrar and you want to transfer it to the service for them, they will do it for free. I did it like this:

I registered a domain for 99 rubles a year ago (in vain I was led to cheapness), it was time to extend almost 500 rubles. I certainly transferred it from that registrar to Fozi. They transferred it to me for free, and I will use it for a year without renewing it.

So it turns out I bought a domain for 99 rubles for two years.


In total, I almost wish that I changed hosting. Yes, the right choice of hosting is the key to the success of the site. So the choice of hosting should be approached seriously, cheap does not mean good.

Kama is interesting, in the next article I will compile instructions on how to register wordpres on Fozzy hosting. Do not miss!

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