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Good afternoon, dear visitors !!! Today our conversation will be about hosting. We will talk with you what hosting is, what it is for, what types it is. And at the end, as always, the most interesting will be: I will give you a list of free hosting sites for installing my site. They have their pros and cons, but it makes sense to use them, especially for novice webmasters. You can work on a free hosting all your techniques and methods to understand why you need a site, and only then decide whether to buy a paid hosting or not. Well, let’s start …

This is what famous Wikipedia says about hosting:

Hosting  (eng. Hosting ) – a service to provide computing power for the physical placement of information on the server, constantly residing in the network (usually the Internet). Hosting is also called a service for placing customer equipment on the territory of the provider, ensuring that it is connected to high-capacity communication channels.

One of the criteria for choosing a hosting service is the operating system used, since the software that will support the functionality of certain services depends on it. An important aspect of the description of hosting is the availability of certain services and opportunities:

  • CGI support: Perl, PHP, Python, ASP, Ruby, JSP
  • support .htaccess / .htpasswd (for Apache)
  • database support

There are paid and free hosting. The former differ from the latter in that they provide full-fledged hosting without advertising and other limitations. Some paid hosting companies provide a free test for a certain period, after which the user must determine whether the selected hosting company is suitable for him, and whether it makes sense to pay for large periods. As a rule, such tests are provided only to owners of second-level domains in order to avoid speculations with test accounts.

In addition to paid hosters, there are also free hosting companies that support most of the described web technologies.

And now the list itself. All links are checked for performance and relevant at the time of publication. If you find where the error or broken link, then write about it in the comments – fix it. Also welcome links are free hosting , which is not on this list.

List of free hosting providers

Addr.ruFree hosting c support for PHP, MySQL and domain name Level 2. Available on request through the request system with a description of the project. Limits on the amount of memory and traffic are set for each site individually after the interview.
Alfaspace.NETFree hosting with PHP and CGI support in return for ads. For non-commercial projects there is an opportunity to do without advertising. If you leave 200 posts on the forum, you are granted access to MySQL.
Bel-hostBel-Host company offers you professional services for placing projects on the Internet. Bel-Host is a young hosting company in Belarus. Our inexpensive hosting is available not only to small or large companies, but also to private clients. Today, Bel-Host is one of the most flexible and caring hosting providers in the CIS.
Bestof.ruCharitable hosting hosting Russian-language non-commercial resources at no cost. There are high demands placed on resources in terms of their social importance, value, uniqueness or importance for the Russian audience of users.
Chat.ruFree hosting of one of the most popular Russian servers providing a wide range of free Internet services.
DKHOST.ORGHosting Center DKHOST.ORG Dnepropetrovsk Branch Server Features: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz 12 Gb RAM Internet connection channels: 100 MBPS Location: The Planet (USA) Some statistics: Number of supported domains: more than 2500 Data center channels capacity: 22 GB / s Average server load: 10%
Eclub.lvFree hosting in Latvia. PHP support, the ability to disable ad hosting.
Fatal.ruFree hosting with the ability to use their CGI scripts and PHP, access to .htaccess. Up to 5 mailboxes are provided.
Garanthost.ruAt the request of the client, an individual tariff plan for virtual hosting services can be developed for him. Also for socially significant projects it is possible to provide hosting services for free.
Hobby.ruFree hosting of Zenon N.S.P., which also provides paid hosting on Only non-commercial projects are accepted. Support of interesting projects.
Holm.ruOne of the most popular free hosting with PHP, MySQL and unlimited space subject to justification.
HostHolder.ruFree hosting in exchange for advertising. The client chooses the necessary server parameters.
hostiman.ruThis is a hosting provider that provides both paid and free hosting for a site without ads and banners. It is allowed to host only legal and legal sites without spam and ddos ​​attacks. Hosting supports all modern technologies and functions: CloudLinux + ISPmanager 5, PHP 5.2 – 7.0 version selection, unlimited traffic, automatic BackUp, FTP, MySQL, Cron
hqhostfree hosting of pictures and photos
Hut.ruFree hosting with PHP, MySQL support, free second-level domain names, unlimited place for interesting projects.
InfiumhostInfium LLC Virtual hosting, VIP hosting. Virtual servers VDS / VPS, with a free panel. Dedicated servers of any configuration. Colocation equipment placement. Rent rack, cabinet, unit. Any form of payment.
Internethost.ruFree hosting is provided after a second-level domain is registered for a fee or if a domain already exists.
KM.RUFree hosting of universal Internet portal KM.RU. Available on a choice of Unix or Windows hosting with PHP / MySQL or ASP / MSSQL technology, respectively.
LibertyTrafficPHP / MySQL hosting, Gigabyte conditional registration Register for 5 minutes. Convenient control panel – ISPManager Apache + PHP + MySQL PHP: GD, zlib, mbstring, mysqli, mcrypt, etc. Disk space – 500 MB Traffic (MB) – unlimited Domains (Account Sites) – 1 Mail Protocols – POP3 / SMTP / IMAP / Web Databases MySQL – 1
MegaHoster.NetworkMegaHoster.Network provides both paid hosting and server rental, as well as free hosting for existing sites that meet certain attendance and subject requirements. The servers are located in the largest data centers of the planet ThePlanet.Com & Savvis D1: Dallas, Texas, USA and in Moscow – M9.
MyLivePage.ruA system for creating free personal interactive social networking sites. After registration, the user receives a site that is immediately ready for use and the site immediately has all the classic sections: web pages, blog, forum, chat, storage of pictures and files.
Narod.ruOne of the most popular free hosting sites. Belongs to Yandex. Web page builder.
Null hostFree hosting with PHP and MySql is provided. Accommodation up to 2 sites. You must have your own domain. Placement takes place on your own VPS. Physically, the data center is located in Moscow.
PAGE.byService of free hosting for Belarusian Internet projects. Byelorussian is any project whose main visitors are residents of Belarus.
PluswebHosting Center Also engaged in the development of sites and software. Virtual hosting rates include a free HTML + rate. Servers are located on the technological platforms of the RTComm.
Sitecity.ruFree hosting with the most simplified technology for creating websites is designed for those who are not going to delve into the technical details and do not want to waste their time studying them. It assumes the exclusive use of ready-made templates for building sites.
UcozFree hosting with a special website designer of varying complexity and functionality based on templates.
Ukr groupUkr Group Ltd. The Ukr Group company specializes in providing professional hosting services for your sites in the largest data centers in Europe. 39600, Poltava region., Kremenchug, st. Vorovskogo, house 34, office 25 (2-floor)
VlineWeb hosting Vilina Telecom LLC (VLine Telecom). In addition to paid, offers the possibility of free hosting web designers and companies related to the development of websites by prior arrangement. The servers are installed in Moscow data centers: MMTC-9 and Corbina Telecom CJSC.
WallSt.ruFree hosting company WebCervice Center. Ability to use your own PHP scripts, CGI, use mySQL database.
WEBrise.ruFree hosting with PHP, MySQL is available only to promising projects that have already proven themselves in the network. Pre-evaluated as far as the subject and content of the site are suitable hosting policies.
Webservis.ruFree hosting with PHP company “WebService Center”. Provides also paid hosting
xFESLLC “Internet resource” Servers in the multi-byte data center (Moscow), connection to M9.
Free hosting UkraineWe are not a company but a group of webmasters who offer 5 GB disk space 100 GB data transfer Unlimited domains 5 accounts FTP Free SSH Free website builder Free 24/7/365 support 99.9% guarantee Instant account installation 5 MySQL PHP 5.2.17 databases PhpMyAdmin 5 email boxes (with the ability to connect mail from Gmail or Yandex.Mail Free web mail manager Free e-mail forwarding Free control panel Automatic installation of scripts Direct protection IP blocking manager Custom error pages Custom redirection Two file managers Folder index manager Possibility of password protection Web site traffic Import function Web site import function databases Free backup tool AND ALL THIS FOR FREE AND WITHOUT ADVERTISING !!!
Data Center “Baron Knopp”Data center “Baron Knopp” is a data center for the most demanding customers, located on its own site, in a separate building, in the very center of Moscow. Thanks to modern design and powerful engineering, the data center has a high category of reliability – TIER III + and availability factor is 99.98%. Control over the work of all data center systems is carried out by a highly qualified group of professionals. The data center operates a single round-the-clock technical support service.
HostingerHostinger has been providing free hosting services since 2007 under the Hosting24 brand and is the world leader in free hosting.

What you choose is up to you.

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