Prices for the installation and configuration of servers. cost of support.

The server is the heart and brain of a computer network. Would you trust the operation of the heart to an amateur?

A server system is an exact mechanism that requires super-literate installation, configuration, and ongoing support . The quality of the equipment, the choice of operating system and the high-quality configuration of server services depend on a clear multi-year operation of the entire network. And this means – no need to be distracted by interruptions in the work of computers and the network.

It doesn’t matter what operating system we are talking about – paid Windows Server , Unix , Solaris,or free Linux and FreeBSD . It doesn’t matter what you have – the “tricked out” blade from IBM or copied Pentium 4 as a router. Absolutely not important – how many services (in Linux – daemons) you want to keep on the network – only a DNS server on a named or Microsoft Exchange + Sharepoint , – any server requires a detailed study, starting from the moment of selecting and purchasing computer hardware.

In our almost ten-year-old work experience, the most frequent failures of companies (and these are tens of thousands of rubles a day – and sometimes millions) are as banal:

  • failure and failure of the hard disk – data loss caused by the purchase of poor-quality equipment and incorrect configuration of the RAID ( and data recovery from 20 000 rubles )
  • software installation, based on advertising – and not from the opinion of a professional, at a minimum – extra expenses, as a maximum – system failure and simple work of the entire office.
  • low level of protection ( protection against attacks, anti-virus protection of the server system ) – blocking network operation, traffic over-consumption.
  • unqualified support and maintenance of server platforms – server failures ( curved hands when installing and configuring the server )
  • wrong choice of location for server installation, poorly equipped server room ( dust, temperature, humidity, improper support )

All these failures are the reason for both the cost savings in installing server systems and their overruns.

The services that we present in this section are services for organizations, both with one computer and with a couple of hundred.

Our employees are trained and certified under various programs.

Our services are used by various well-known organizations.

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