How much is hosting for the site

Today I want to talk about such a topic as the cost of hosting for the site . The question is pretty important for every novice webmaster.

What is the cost of hosting for the site

Rich however the choice has become a web host in runet!

Already over a thousand providers went to make money on webmasters. And they are all the best. And of course, everyone has the fastest and most modern servers on the most reliable sites of the best DATA centers in the world (according to the same providers).

And, of course, the most recent development of the most advanced software. Maybe it is. Well, or somewhere around this.

So be it. But this is not all that is needed for site owners, for their full hosting happiness.

Here is a simple shovel device, but even she needs to be able to use it. She herself does not dig. This is where the dog is buried, because the decisive factor is always and everywhere people, the human factor. At any price of the service.

Everyone knows that cadres decide everything. Unscrupulous or incompetent staff fill up anything, how much he does not pay. Moreover, such a delicate matter as hosting sites, where on the one hand high-tech, and on the other forever dissatisfied customers.

Prices are also appointed by the managers or owners of the hosting. From the ceiling. And therefore, these prices are directly dependent on these specific individuals, who sometimes see our world in their own way. And the quality of service depends on the staff. That’s all.

Therefore, inexpensive hosting can be excellent and expensive bad. If you still doubt, try to remember all your life experience on this topic and in other aspects (not only on the Internet) and tell yourself, frankly, is always the quality of work of the staff corresponds to the high cost of services?

The answer, unfortunately, is known in advance. So it turns out that hosting is not always: the more expensive the better. Such a statement is very beneficial for expensive hosting, but very far from the truth. As well as the fact that even the cheapest hosting is necessarily bad.

By the way, about the truth: all our long and glorious life we ​​all should remember that most of the articles, ratings and even reviews on the Internet are written by various experts for the corresponding remuneration and poor truth in the information they present as much as the customer needs.

What it is worth knowing for a webmaster is definitely, if you want to have your own website that allows you to earn money on the Internet , then you should choose hosting for a fee.

The cost of hosting varies greatly from $ 2 per month to $ 150 (it is very difficult to determine the ceiling here and I wrote a variant of the most expensive hosting that I saw).

According to my calculations, the average cost of hosting is $ 5 per month. There are free hosting, there are 10 rubles per month. But not the price determines the functionality of the host. I use SVAI hosting and I am very pleased with it, the initial cost of hosting with this provider is 135 rubles. per month. This price includes the placement of several sites.

For a beginner webmaster, a cheaper host is quite enough. PWI hosting is pretty high quality. So I recommend.

I started using this hosting on the recommendation of a friend. Everything suits me and the quality of hosting and technical support at the height. On the hosting all the latest gadgets, a bunch of free and paid CMS for creating websites, backups, etc.

Several times my sites were unavailable due to technical work, but it was literally within 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, I can’t compare with other providers, as I use only this. 

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