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However, it seems to be a method of last resort, rather than the first choice for most fishermen. The multitude of rigging choices enshroud this method of fishing, deep in a quagmire of uncertainty, and because of this mystification the recreation angler seldom uses the Carolina rig effectively. Rod selection, reel preference, line selection, weight option, leader strength and length, whether to use beads or not, and types of swivels are topics of deep and intense dialogue amongst fishermen when the rig is mentioned. Among the experienced fishermen the rig is considered at the top of the leader board of choices. The debate about the history of the Carolina rig leads to controversy and uncertainty. However it should be agreed that no matter how or why the Carolina rig came about, learning this simple but deadly method of fishing should be paramount in your fishing arsenal. It is an extremely successful method of bait presentation in all depths of water and its only restriction is the cover that you are trying to move it through. An area where the brush coverage is dense is another such area. Areas were the bottom is made up of boulders that are very close is another area where the rig is sure to get caught up. All other areas are potentials for the use of this rig, so as you can readily see, the Carolina rig is an extremely adaptable rig.

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It’s time for a new angling adventure, let our experts be your guides. Kings sometimes feed just a mile outside the bay entrance, gorging on clouds of krill as a prelude to their autumn migration up the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and that attracts a hundreds of boating anglers, including me. Yet, this quaint harbor succumbs to salmon fever in late June and July. By noon we had a limit of gaffer dolphin. Then, we ran inshore and scored a pair of pound cobia.

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Under head coach John Harbaugh , who was in his fifth season with the team, Baltimore upgraded their roster with players such as defensive backs Sean Considine and Corey Graham , and wide receiver Jacoby Jones. In December , the Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and promoted quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell , who was previously the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts from to , as the successor. His top targets were receivers Anquan Boldin 65 receptions, yards, 4 touchdowns and Torrey Smith 49 receptions, yards, 8 touchdowns , along with tight end Dennis Pitta 61 receptions, yards, 7 touchdowns.

Their backfield featured two Pro Bowl selections: Rice rushed for 1, yards and 9 touchdowns, while also hauling in 61 receptions for yards and another score. Leach served effectively as his lead blocker and a receiver out of the backfield, catching 21 passes. On special teams, Jones returned 38 kickoffs for 1, yards and two touchdowns, giving him a whopping He also gained yards and another touchdown returning punts, and caught 30 passes for yards and a score.

Baltimore’s defensive line was anchored by Pro Bowl defensive end Haloti Ngata , who compiled 51 tackles and 5 sacks, along with defensive tackle Arthur Jones 47 tackles, 4. Kruger led the team in sacks with 9, while Ellerbe added 92 tackles and 4. McClain had 79 tackles. Suggs, a ten-year veteran and five-time Pro Bowl selection, who had missed the first half of the regular season with a partially torn Achilles tendon , made a speedy recovery and was key in the Ravens’ win over the Broncos in the divisional round of the playoffs with 2 sacks on Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Lewis, a year veteran and time Pro Bowl selection, had missed most of the season with an arm injury, but still managed to rack up 57 tackles in just 6 games. Then shortly before returning for the playoffs, he announced his plans to retire after the postseason, and promptly went on to amass 44 tackles in Baltimore’s four playoff games.

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Our expert has the story on where to find and fish for these saltwater lunkers this month. Hot days, increasing water temperatures and incessant boat traffic begin to impact the habits of striped bass in the Bay State this month. But if you are willing to invest some time and effort, good fishing is still available in many locations. To be a successful striper fisherman in July means adapting your tactics to the summer season.

For the most part, stripers have settled into specific low-light feeding patterns. And although at times they seem scarce, they are still present and active.

Installation and hook-up of finished electrical and plumbing fixtures are done. Due to the fact that there are code issues involved here, only the most skilled DIYers should tackle .

This could also be called Acute Dramatic Necessity Disorder. Observers of this trope should note three things: Diabolus ex Machina is often brought in simply because if the villain were to lose, the story would be over. Like the Deus ex Machina, it only applies if it comes out of left field. Like the Deus ex Machina, a Diabolus ex Machina does not necessarily occur at the end.

Though it often overlaps with Ending Tropes , it should not be confused for one. If a movie ends with a ” Take a Moment to Catch Your Death ” for the last surviving character , it may be this. Often the cause of a Sudden Downer Ending. Likely to be employed by writers who believe that True Art Is Angsty.


Rose Greulich, Pulaski NY Another successful dry fly fishermen There are many fish around in the lower stretches of the Main river system, with a few new arrivals entering the system on the higher tide days. With the low water conditions, the fish are holding in the deeper water pools – ideal conditions for the lower stretches of the Main river below Blackville – especially for dry fly anglers – but not as good for much of the upper river system except for the deep holding pools where fish have been holding up, such as Black Brook, Big Hole and a few others throughout the system.

Every season can be different with either too much low water or too much high water – sometimes this makes it not so great for good fishing and makes it almost impossible to have good producing pools for every possible condition. However, we have worked hard at this over the years – sometimes leasing pools for years and waiting for just the right conditions for them to be successful.

With the higher water conditions over the last 10 or so seasons, we often wonder if some of our low water pools would ever work out as well as they did in the ’90s and early ‘s when low water conditions were the norm for quite a few seasons.

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Instantaneously the fish overpowered the flex of the rod and the set of the drag, pulling the 14 lb test line off the reel on its initial run. Turning the reel handle merely added more octane to the run so the line left the reel even faster. Then, just as suddenly, the rod straightened and the line went slack. Reeling in I could see that the line had been severed, so-like the fish- I was off!

In my case, I was off the knot-failure-hook. Rather than continue this demonstration of competence and take the steps the cut-off dictated, I immediately tied on another Striper Magnet, again without wire or a shock tippet. I just had to get another lure into the water as soon as possible because I sensed what was going to occur when I did.

Sure enough, the very next cast produced another jarring strike followed by a deep rod bending and a blazing run! Then a third cast, an immediate hit,run,and, a few minutes later-a fish in hand! More about this first experience later. Three casts with the Striper Magnet produced three consecutive violent strikes; one lost lure; and one fish landed.


These are the tentpoles of biography since Katrina, and in telling them, people reveal their most unguarded selves. Like a love of the Saints, this is one of the few things in the city to bridge all the deep race and class divides: Everyone suffered through the storm; everyone cried when Gleason blocked the punt; and everyone still struggles to express the emotions they felt when the Saints won in Miami.

Shack Brown went to the Monday night game against the Falcons and saw Steve Gleason block the punt in person, and he doesn’t talk much about that either, except to say that during the game he found the spot in the plaza where he’d huddled with his family.


I own 2 spinning, and 1 bait caster. Love the rod but the reel seats are loose on all 3 rods I bought. Problem is I over tightened it but they never felt tight. Still love the rods I’m thinking I’ll just tie strap them. Was so impressed with my No. I have now used it for about a year and a half, and has not given me one iota of problem, and I can be pretty tough on my gear, climbing hillsides and chunk rock, all in an effort to find the honey hole. Lost track how many times I’ve banged the rod tip off trees and whatnot!

This rod has allowed me to feel everything, from the slightest tick to dragging to bait over changing structure. Only issue I have had with any of my No. It seems that No. Without the anchor wrap, the guides CAN work loose over time. Fortunately, I have personally mastered the anchor wrap, and have re-wrapped any loose guides as such, as needed.

Not an issue with these spinning rods.

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Blue crab 5 in. Spearfishing Spearfishing is the taking of fish by use of a speargun. When spearfishing, you must comply with all recreational fishing regulations regarding size, seasons and bag limits on the species. How to measure your finfish catch For Massachusetts marine waters, the minimum size for fish exceptions listed below is the greatest straight line length not curved over the body from the anterior tip of the jaw or snout mouth closed to the farthest extremity of the tail.

1 review of The Hook-Up “This is one of the top angling stores on Cape Cod. It is staffed by professional guides and experts on both fresh water (see Dan) or the expert tuna guide and Captain (owner) Eric Stewart. If Blue Fin Tuna fishing is 5/5(1).

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